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TS2424 Extensions Not Flush With Top?

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  • TS2424 Extensions Not Flush With Top?

    I just purchased a TS2424. My first table saw. I am not a pro woodworker. Just your average (well-- above average) do-it-yourself-kinda-guy.

    During the setup, I noticed that my extensions seemed to be somewhat bowed (ever so slightly). The top surface of the extensions are perfectly flush with the top surface of the main table top at the front of the main table top. However, at the back of the top, the top surface of the extensions are both about 1/32 inch low compared to the top surface of the main table top.

    But both front and rear faces (the surface that the rails mount to) of the extensions are perfectly flush with the front and rear faces of the main table top. You can not even feel the joint between them. I seem to have been able to properly align everything. I didn't even have to use the shims on the rear rail. So I guess that the fact that the extensions are a hair low on the back side isn't a problem.

    Is it?

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    I have the same bow in both cast extensions but the saw works great and it do's not seem to be a problem


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      That bow is normal and to be expected due to the aging of the cast iron. It is easy enough to fix. As stated in the instructions, tighten the two outer bolts, so that the extension is fluch with the main table at the outer edges, then use a C-clamp to bring the center of the extension level with the main table. Tighten the two center bolts.



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        I too have the TS2412 with the same problem of the extension tables but was wondering if the extension tables for the TS2424 (I think) the cast iron tables) will the fit the 2412 and would it be worth it to replace them with the cast iron ones? Also does Ridgid make a larger table with rip fence? Thanks for any info I can get.


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          I can't answer about being interchangeable, one of the Rigid folks will be able to. But I decided that my extension problem wasn't a problem. I went back and took a closer look and mine aren't even as much as 1/32 inch off. And it was the best that I could do with C clamps during the assembly process. However, the faces that the rails mounted to were completely flush and in alignment with the mounting surfaces on the main table. It certainly in no way interfered with the alignment of the rails or the fence. I am tremendously pleased with my 2424.

          I am just now getting to truely use it in my projects. I am a newbie to the fine art of woodworking. But I made some rip cuts for a project recently in some red oak and was astonished when I put them together (on either side) and could not see a seam. Wow! Edge joinery with a table saw! I can build table tops! Well, maybe later.

          I built my first jig last weekend. A squaring board. The strips I cut to run in the miter slots couldn't have fit better if they were machined out of steel with a computer.

          I wouldn't worry about a minuscule offset in the extensions if you can still get the rails and fence aligned properly. Good luck.

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            You made a great purchase decision.

            I had the same problem and followed the assembly instructions exactly, with marginal sucess---still not perfect.

            I loosened all of the bolts.
            Flush the center section first with a good quality true C-Clamp at the center of the saw table. Tighten the bolts to the proper torque. Leave the C-Clamp in place.

            Use a C-Clamp on both ends and flush the outer corners, tighten the bolts and you will have a perfectly aligned table/extension for a while.

            Actually, I did mine three time over a month +/- and used a thread locking compound on the nuts the last time. It has not move since.



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              You've got it, its just a simple adjustment using a c-clamp.



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                Yet another benefit to webbed iron wings. [img]smile.gif[/img]