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  • TS36[56]0 Waxing

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a few questions regarding waxing the TS3660/3650 table top.

    I cleaned the top with WD40 (I wanted to avoid the, slightly more dangerous, mineral spirits, given that I'm constructing the saw in my basement in decently close proximity to our furnace) and cleaned up the top nicely. I cleaned as much as I could out of the mitre tracks (any tips on how to clean these best?), and then went to waxing (minwax furniture paste wax).

    Obviously the under side and the black painted area around the holes in the extension wings don't need to be waxed, but what about the front and side edges? They don't appear to be sealed... does this mean I'm going to need to dismantle the fence every month or so to reapply wax to these areas?

    Also, how much is "enough" wax? I'm paranoid about rust (I live in Canada... the last of rusted cars...). I figure I'll put at least three layers on the top... how often should I re-coat, and how much? Does anybody have a sure-fire way to ensure the mitre slots get fully waxed? I find it near impossible to ensure the wax coats everything in such a difficult shape.


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    Re: TS36[56]0 Waxing

    Hi Jeff!

    Waxing the miter slots isn't easy. I use a toothbrush and hope for the best. As far as the rails go, I've done mine twice in the 4 years I've owned it. I put one coat on the cast iron front (thickness) and never looked back. It's never rusted. Three coats on the top should do you very well. To be honest, something like Boeshield T9 lasts a lot longer, but the wax is slippier. Last time I did mine, I did Boeshield and one coat of wax. That was about 3 months ago (the summer, or RUST, season). Still no rust, but I'm thinking it's about time for another coat. I really only use the wax to keep the surface smooth and slippery.

    Make sure the Minwax doesn't have silicone in it. It's the silicone that'll leave invisible fish-eyes that only come out when you stain or finish. You can't buff those things out, either! If it does have silicone, remove the wax with whatever you have and get some Johnson's Paste Wax. Yellow can, they carry it at grocery stores and such. If you're curious, A quick google search of Boeshield will result in lots of hits. I found this on my second link. $13.99/can. It'll last a looooooong time.

    Enjoy the saw! I love my 3650.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: TS36[56]0 Waxing

      I second the old toothbrush in the miter slots, I do the same.

      How often you need to 'update' the wax on the table top will be a function of how much use the saw gets. You'll notice the difference in the top when you are using it. I'd say at least three times a year as a minimum.

      I do my rails and fence faces when I do the top.
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        Re: TS36[56]0 Waxing

        It's also a good idea to use some mineral spirits to remove all the old wax before you apply any new wax.
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          Re: TS36[56]0 Waxing

          Thanks everyone, I'll definitely give a toothbrush a try, didn't even think about that!

          I'll see if I can grab some Boeshield, as well, as I've heard good things about it before, as well.

          One last thing I just thought of, though... I assembled the cast iron pieces first and *then* cleaned and waxed the surfaces. This means that the edges of the extensions that butt up against the main/middle cast iron piece have no wax on them... granted, they should still have some of the oil coating. I'm assuming they should be okay? Could moisture get into small cracks like that, or am I being super paranoid? It seems unlikely that guys dismantle their cast iron table to wax between the joints... (?).

          Originally posted by VASandy View Post
          Enjoy the saw! I love my 3650.
          Most definitely, I'm pretty impressed already with the fence, and how quiet the saw is. Plus, the Herc-U-Lift is exactly what I need for my (relatively small) shop. It's nice to have a cast-iron table that I can actually reposition around the shop if I need to.