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  • Bandsaw Blades

    My Grizzily G0555 bandsaw will be delivered tomorrow. I got the riser block also. Should be 105" blade size. What bandsaw blades do you use and recommend?

    FYI - I ordered it yesterday before noon and the Freight company called me today to setup delivery tomorrow. Pretty good even if it is not that far from Pennsylvania to Virginia.


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    Timberwolf from Suffolk Machinery. Choose the type of blade relevant to the sawing you'll be doing from the table below. Then move to Vertical Band Saw Blade Pricing to locate the 105" (you'll have to price at 108") pricing. Great prices on a really good blade.

    For resawing 1/2" x 3PC should work well.


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      Bucko, I (and probably many others) would like to hear a review of the Grizzly once you get it up and running.


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        I just ordered some 105" Lenox blades from:

        I read some favorable reviews and the price was reasonable so I thought I'd give them a shot.


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          I have heard that Timberwolf bales are also excellent. I am about to order a couple of blades shortly, based upon the recommendation of others. The price direct is about half that found in some catalogs. I am told that a phonecall to them will provide custom info for your application.

          Mike Narges
          suffolk Machinery - Timberwolf Blades


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            Get yourself a 1/2 three teeth per inch timber wolf band saw blade!
            Andy B.


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              It's a good blade for resawing.
              Andy B.


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                It's a good blade for resawing.
                Andy B.


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                  Sorry for the delay but here is the lowdown on the G0555.

                  Packaging was good and well ordered. All the bolts, washers and nuts where in a bag, but all except four were for the base and a few for the trunion and table. The main unit was preassembled only had to place it on the base with 4 bolts.

                  I also got the Shopfox mobile base. The mobile base and the bandsaw base took the longest just because of all the bolts, nuts and washers, but all the parts fit.

                  You definitly need a friend for lifting and Metric tools, 10mm 13mm and metric allen wrenches,
                  23mm for the riser block.

                  Riser block was simple and straight forward, but again you need a friend for lifting. Only thing to watch out for is when changing the dropdown bar for the upper blade guides there is a ball bearing that will drop out. Once I found it on the floor it was easy too get it back into place.

                  After placing the 105" blade on the wheels it took a few trys to get the tension right. We found the quick tension release needed to be adjusted.

                  The trunion and table were easy to adjust along with the fence.

                  I went throught the setup routines in the manual. All were relatively simple.

                  Cut a few pieces of scrape Oak and resawed a small piece of oak. Nice! cut like butter.

                  All in all I am very pleased.

                  Now I just need to get some practice.



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                    The loose ball bearing sounds exactly like the Jet bandsaw. After I found the ball, I read the instructions for installing the riser block without losing the ball.

                    Now that I have the Jet, it sounds more and more like the Grizzly. The dust collection on the Jet stinks, and the Grizzly had some extra features like the quick release, so you may have been smarter than me in your choice.

                    I recommend using 3 blades: 1/2 inch for resaw (3-4 TPI), 1/4 inch for everyday use including moderate curves, and 1/8 inch 14-18 tpi for bandsaw boxes and other work that requires very tight curves. You should have at least 3 teeth in the wood at all times, so don't cut anything thinner than an inch with the resaw blade, but you can go down to 1/4 inch with a 12 tpi blade.

                    The Timberwolf blades are wonderful, but 2-3 times as expensive, so the jury is still out.


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                      Charlie P,

                      What TPI do you recommend for 1/4" blade?

                      Where is your dust port? On the G0555 it is on the left bottom door and is 4". I haven't used the saw much since I don't have my dust collector yet. It does make a lot of fine dust. I am looking at the 1 micron Penn State either the 850CFM or 1100CFM.



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                        The three recommended blades from Timberwolf will cost a total of $51. Since you paid around $475 for the saw inc delivery & riser, you'll find the investment in really good blades for such a decent saw, extremely worthwile.