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Totally Unrelated, But Need Help Anyway!!

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  • Totally Unrelated, But Need Help Anyway!!

    Sorry for posting this here, but I knew it would get a good viewing... besides, you may end up helping more people than just me. My question is:

    How the heck can I get my Internet Explorer Bar to show the web address field? To clarify, this is the field where I can directly type in WWW.SOMEWEBSITEINEED.COM... does anyone know how to do this? One day I went to use the net and the field had disappeared. No amount of menu-dropping and fiddling seems to get it back. The only way I can access a site is to first do a Google search then click on whatever site comes up. Thanks for your indulgence in this off-topic post but I would sure like to get this fixed so can use the net more efficiently. Thanks! Greg Nold

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      Thanks Woodslayer, but I have tried this. All that happens is that I get a grayed-out word saying 'Address' to appear just below the waving windows logo in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If I go to view-toolbar-address bar and uncheck the box, the grayed out word disappears. If I check the box, the grayed-out word appears. Any ideas on how to regain my address bar? As I said, I have been screwing with this off and on over the last few weeks with no success... driving me nuts! Thanks if you have any ideas!
      Greg Nold


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        Try clicking view, uncheck "lock the toolbars" if checked, and click on where it says address and drag it to your desired location.

        Hope that works



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          Bingo!! Thanks much Woodslayer...unlocking the toolbar did it. Thanks again.. nice to have my address field back again!

          Greg Nold