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TS3650 cutting surface problem

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  • TS3650 cutting surface problem

    Since the saw has only been together for a couple of weeks I had not had the chance to clean off ALL of the oil. I did so today and noticed that there isn't exactly any rust on the surface. But... if you do look VERY close you can see some "rusty" finger/hand prints in certain places.

    I tried to clean off the marks but they did not seem to want to budge. I did apply some Minwax Paste Wax to the top but I noticed that it was leaving swirl marks all over the surface. Before the top was all nice and clean looking and then all of the sudden it looked like their were circular guages in it. I had followed the direction on the wax and let the wax setup for about 10 minutes before trying to take it off. It just did not seem to want to come off.

    So.... Out comes the Dawn dishwashing liquid. I stripped all of the Wax off using the dawn and redid the wax in sections. This time I applied in a back and forth motion instead of a circular motion. Put the wax on and rubbed it in until it started to buff out on it's own. Then used a clean terry cloth towel and polished it up.

    Anyway... did three light coats of wax instead of the "thicker" application method required by the directions. I think next time I am just going to use the Mother's Carnuba...

    The surface looks MUCH better now with only a few swirls showing. A nice flat piece of poplar will slide across the table if you blow on it now (actual test).

    Has anyone else had any of these problems? It could have been the temperature today. But I am not sure. Anyone else have the handprint/fingerprint marks?

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    I have.

    My workshop is in my unheated, uninsulated barn loft. Moisture and temperature variations abound there. I occasionally use Boeshield to clean and protect PLUS, have gone to the extent of sewing vinyl fabric cloth lined covers to near custom fit all the equipment in my shop. It sounds like a lot of work but it has not been more than one weeks work total to protect all my equipment, and I have virtually a full complement of power tools up there so to me it was well worth the effort.

    In addition, with the "scraps" of vinyl, I have sewn pockets to hold lathe tools, non-stainless steel instruments, etc...

    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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      Sounds like you were experiencing the early stages of rust....very common to untreated CI. WD-40 or a brand name rust remover works well with a scotch brite. My preference for prevention is Boeshield T-9 followed by a couple of coats of paste wax.


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        My shop is also unheated and has a tentency to collect moisture.

        I went to Woodcraft and purchased some oil. It's in a clear, pump spray bottle. The writing on the bottle seems to be in Japanese, so I have no idea what kind of oil it is. It was recommended by the guys at woodcraft.

        I simply spray on a very light coat and leave it until I use my saw again. With a quick wipe off I ready to go. I have had no problems with residue on any of my cuts and I haven't had to scrub rust with steel wool and WD-40 since I picked it up.

        Works great.