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Crown Moulding Question-12" SCMS

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  • Crown Moulding Question-12" SCMS

    HI All,

    I am installing 6" crown moulding in my house. I purchased the "old" model 12" SCMS when it was clearanced out.

    The saw has instructions and preset locks on the bevel and mited to cut crown moulding laying flat on the saw. Only problem is that the angles and presets they show and offer are for crown moulding that has back angles of 36 and 52 degrees.

    My moulding has 45 degree backs on both top and bottom.

    Can I still use these same presets? I doubt it, but thought I would ask.

    Suggestions/tips welcomed.


    -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>

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    There are two ways to cut crown molding, laying it flat on the table, or against the fence and the table as it would be installed in your house. As you suspected, the presets on your saw will not be suitable for 45/45 degree crown molding. Personally, I find the latter method easier. Here is a good resource when cutting crown molding, it includes the various angles for both methods for both 52/38 and 45/45 crown molding.

    Cutting Crown Molding


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      I think for the against the fence method the bottom of the crown goes against the fence- Specifically that means you cut the crown as it will hang in the house but it needs to be upside down so the bottom of the crown is against the fence with miter set to 45 degrees (or desired angle if not for a 90 degree corner). Good luck with the job.