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Rust on my TS3650 extension - Help

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  • Rust on my TS3650 extension - Help

    I have my Ridgid TS3650 in my garage. Went out to use it today and there was rust on the right table extension. It is only surface rust. What will I use to get it off, and how can I prevent it from comming back.

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    Rust is a common occurrence on cast iron...not to worry. DW-40 and a scotchbrite pad under your palm sander will make short work of it. So will mineral spirits. There are products specifically for removing rust...Boeshield makes a good rust remover that's sold at wwing stores. They also sell the "T-9" preventer that works well for me. I like to apply a couple of coats of Johnson's paste wax after I apply the T-9.


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      One fairly painless way to remove light surface rust is to apply a coat of WD40 to the top. Next, take one of those Scotch Guard type pads that are made to use with teflon coated pans. Put the pad under your ROS and have at it being very careful not to saturate the pad with so much WD40 that it seeps into the pad on the bottom of the ROS.

      My method for keeping the rust from coming back is to lay down a layer of TopCote(Lee Valley sells it) followed by two coats of Johnsons Paste Wax. The TopCote is for rust protection and the Johnsons is primarily to make the top slicker.
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        I got rust with several coates of johnson's wax...some one here said to store with a large piece of cardboad on the saw..I did and have had no more rust in the last year or works..the cardboard draws the moisture away from saw...try it