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2424 Table Saw Review

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  • 2424 Table Saw Review

    After using my 2424 Ridgid Table Saw for about 6 months here is my thoughts on it. This is the sixth saw I have owned. I have owned a 60’s Craftsman 10”, a Rockwell Unisaw, a 12” Wadkin, a Robland X-31 combination machine and a Ryobi 3000 (which I still own.) I wouldn’t compare the Ridgid with the heavy duty commercial machines for power or features, but for bang for the buck, mobility and ease of repair it stacks up very well.

    Fence 8 of 10 This is a pretty good fence. I expected less after reading all the whining about it.
    Mobility System 10 of 10 I want a Herculift on all my tools!
    Throat Plate 2 of 10 Too much flex in stock plate and hard to make your own…and why is that screw so long!
    Power 10 of 10 Awesome for a 110 1 ½ hp motor! So what if it isn’t TEFC.
    Blade Raising Mechanism 7 of 10 Fairly smooth, wish it went down about 1/2” lower. Never had a problem with lack of locking mechanism.
    Blade tilt Mechanism 7 of 10 Works well but gauge is flimsy.
    Dust Collection 1 of 10 Weakest link of a very good tool.
    Ease of Adjustments 9 of 10 Easy to get to everything.
    Customer Support 10 of 10 Great warranty, Great website support.
    Assembly instructions 10 of 10 Excellent video and manual.

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    I'm on board with you on all except the long screw on the insert. I like it because it works well with my shopmade zero clearance insert. Have moved my rails to the right to get 38" capacity. We do need to make a removable cover for the back to aid dust collection.
    Also, the stops for the 90 deg & 45 deg are soft and pretty much unusable for me (use square to check/set these).


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      The 45º and 90º stops themselves are very solid, its the crank itself that is soft. What I tell people when they ask how to tell they have hit the stop. Crank the blade adjustment until you feel increased tension on the wheel, then only turn it a 1/4 - 1/2 turn further. Once you hit the stop, you are only bowing the side of the housing and not moving the carriage any more.



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        I pop-riveted a couple pieces of scrap angle iron inside the cabinet by the tilt handwheel (from top to bottom). It really stiffens the cabinet side and makes the mechanism more solid.