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What dado works well with TS3650

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  • What dado works well with TS3650

    I am new to the woodworking hobbie and my first major tool purchase was the TS3650. I got it at the 20% off HD sale. After much research i just couldn't beat it for the price. I now would like to but a dado for my saw, but i am unsure which to buy. I have read some posts regarding compatability with the TS and now i ahve some question as which one to buy. Any suggestions from you more seasoned woodworkers?

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    I'm not a seasoned woodworker, but I am using the Freud 208.


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      I have a cheap set from HF and anothe Freud set and both work well on my 3650.


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        I've also got a HF set and get flat bottoms and straight sided cuts with it. You have to watch out which HF set you buy though, they have a few. The set I have is Harbor Freight Model 44566 and goes on sale pretty regularly for $29.99. An awful lot of people swear by the Freud set that Marcus mentioned, about $75. If you want to spend about half as much as you paid for your saw , look into the Forrest set.
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          I use the Freud set Home Depot carries, 8" stack and shims costing around $100, depending on your location. I have not used any Harbor Frieght or Forrest dado stacks. Stay away from the "WOBBLE" dado's! Freud also makes a comperable Dado stack to the Forrest for around $200.

          Depending up on the type of wood and amount of dado's your going to make is going to drive your purchase. Being new to woodworking I will assume you will be working with less expensive wood until you refine your skills and feel comfortable cutting into a stick of wood that cost a weeks pay. No use wasting a $200 stack practicing, get a cheaper one, then move up to the expensive one.

          I mostly use the router table for dado's these days, unless it's in large sheet good panels. It's just easer and safer IMO.
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            I'd have to go dig, but one of the recent magazines did a review of dado sets, and in the final analysis they liked the Freud SD508 (8" blade) for overall work and flatness of cut in a variety of materials. I think you'll pay about $170 or so for it.

            I'd second the warning on "wobble" dados. Not worth the money. One caution also concerning the Freud SD608 adjustable... I've seen it mentioned here and elsewhere that because of the recess on the adjustment knob, it's difficult to get the arbor bolt secure using the table saw wrench. Caviat emptor, I guess.


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              I believe the arbor threads on the 3650 are 1 5/8 inches long (pretty much standard). A few dado cutters require a longer thread so you obviously want to avoid them. Just my 2 cents. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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