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    hey guys,

    i just bought the ts3650 after doing months of research. today, i finally finished putting it together. man, it took about 7 hours and that manual was real "user friendly" huh...? anyway, it's together and calibrated. this is the first table saw that i've owned so wish me luck! just thought i'd post a message to say hey...

    off to find some simple plans for something useful.


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    Welcome and congrats. on the new TS. I also spent about 7 hours putting my 3612 together and had to go back and make some monor adjustment but all in all the assembly went smoothly. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming projects.
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      thanks! right now, i'm working on a feather board.

      on a different note, didn't realize that i was member # 5000, that's pretty cool.


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        You get the special 5000th member prize! TBD of course...

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          Originally posted by FlyFishNC:
          off to find some simple plans for something useful.eric
          Welcome to the WWW. (wonderful world of woodworking). [img]smile.gif[/img] If you want to make some jigs and fixtures, I would suggest something like Kelly Mahlers book. It also has a lot of useful info on saw tune-ups, procedures and safety.
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