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  • which would you buy next?

    my current shop consists of a table saw and jointer (both ridgid) as well as several power hand tools. i am going to add another shop tool to my shop, and it is currently between the drill press and the planer. i have had a need for both reciently and torn between which i should buy 1st. any opinions?

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    Planer, IMHO

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      Hi : think I'd go for planer, you probably have a hand drill to get you by until such time you can go for a drill press. When you get right down to it your work needs should be your guide.


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        Another vote for the planer. The money you save on wood can be used to help buy the drill press! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          I may be different, but I use my drill press all the time for this little job or that, and I rarely used my planer when I had it, don't misunderstand, I will get another planer, but in order of necessity, at least for me, drill press first.
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            I agree with Ross J - your work needs to guide your purchasing. It all depends on what you are making and where you are sourcing your wood. No doubt buying rough cut and planing will save you money, but if you are making smaller projects and are comfortable with S4S wood from the Depot, you will likely use the drill press more.

            Of course, the real answer is to wish real hard for both, that way you can start on the next issue, the band saw or the oscillating sander?


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              One more opinion...if you plan on planing a lot of wood for big projects, you might consider getting the planing done for you where you get your hardwoods. I sold mine because it was taking me 1-2 days to get enough lumber planed for big projects and was costing me more in time than it was saving me. If I ever start doing small projects I might get another one, but for now, I get mine done for me in less time at the shop where I buy lumber. They can run several boards through at a time and take more stock off. They only charge me $35 to plane and sand both sides of 80-100 BF of lumber....more than worth the time it saves.
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                My preference would be for the drill press but so much really depends on your individual needs. The planer being a single purpose machine only allows its use for one type of job. The drill press on the other hand is a much more multi purposed machine and will come in handy for many uses.
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                  If it helps---few years back, I was in the same situation (ts and jointer) and opted for the drill press. It can not only accurately drill your holes, but is good for drum sanding and, if you have the patience, do mortises.

                  Think the choice could be based on how much solid wood you uses versus sheet goods. If you use a lot of hardwood, a planer would be valuable, since you can buy it in the rough and plan and joint and save some bucks. But, as was said, if you use a lot of hardwood---it might be cheaper to have it done at the supplier, unless you get a larger planer.

                  Of course, I have to add, of the tools in my shop that get the most use----behind the ts and jointer is my homemade router table--which also makes a great worksurface for other benchtop tools.


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                    Would think about now your next tool might be a boat or raft!

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                      Rix---you're closer to the truth than you know

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