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Lucky man, I guess

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  • Lucky man, I guess

    Wife just surprised me with a new Ridgid 3650. I am new to wwing and my work shop is only 13' x 8' and I have it cramed already. Most tools are on mobile bases so I can roll them into the carport for use. But now I can't fit the new saw in my shop so it must be stored and used outside. Weather is no problem since I live in Arizona and it will be safe from theft but I am wondering if there are any other problems I should be aware of until I get an enclosed space for permanent use.

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    Don't guess, you are a Lucky Man! That is one thoughtful lady.

    I do sympathize with your storage/work area problem as I am challenged with the same. Only I live in upstate NY where weather is rarely dry.

    It wouldn't work for me, but have you given any thought to putting together a small storage/lock box similar to what I used to see on job sites. With that new saw, a handfull of 2 x 4s and maybe three sheets of plywood, you could probably build something to safely lockup the saw in one afternoon. Open the lock, drop the front and wheel the saw out in the open to use it.

    Just a suggestion, you lucky guy [img]smile.gif[/img]