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Installing new jointer knives

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  • Installing new jointer knives

    Howdy, Anyone know a trick or jig that will help me get these things lined up evenly and with the same depth of cut? These are going into an old Delta 6" jointer. Thanks folks, Tim

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    I use the 'jointer pal'. Perfect every time and no need for the jack screws. Just set it and the magnets hold the knife in place while you tighten the bolts. Before I bought that tool I put a peice of masking tape on the edge of my square from 20-24 inches, then I would put the square on edge on the outfeed table and raise the knives one at a time until the kinfe edge would just touch the masking tape checking front and back of the jointer. If you do this in a quiet shop you will be able to hear the knife edge brushing the masking tape before you can feel it. I had good success with this method but it was painfully slow.
    Here is a picture of the 'jointer pal' from Woodworkers Supply. Just type jointer pal in yahoo or google and you will find a supplier


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      I also have a manufactured jig that works well, but here is a link to a homemade jig that would probably work just as well, it’s about half way down.



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        Another vote for the jointer pal. Can't imagine doing this job w/o it... but then maybe I'm "patience challenged"...

        -- Sam