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    Sorry to take up space with this but..... I received a notification of a private message from this forum but no message was found. If anyone here tried to send me a message this way I did not receive it.

    Wood Dog

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    Wood Dog, I sent it to you reguarding your advise on the heat, and take care. I do take breaks about every hour and do drink fluids. I have seen the results of not doing this when I was FF/EMT. thanks for the advise.. all can benefit from it. By the way ALL os the cypress siding is now finished except for actual length , will do that after it is nailed on. I figure I ran about 10,000 LnFt to make it happen. It was a JOB that I do not want to repeat any time soon. Now for the actual construction of the addtion will happen after all of the siding is primed & painted. Easier flat than vertical.. dick