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    Since I became disabled I now have time to "putter around" in the shop more. But I find I need a mitre saw. Can someone suggest the best one for my needs? I will not be turning out tons of projects since I can only get a couple or three hours a day in the shop, but I do want a good saw. I already own a Ridgid table saw, Ridgid scroll saw, and Ridgid sander. Any suggestions would truly be appreciated. Thanks. Murray

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    I can't really recommend one to you cause I own one of the following saws but I can tell you what I wouldn't buy. I have the Craftsman 10 Laser Trak CMS, when I first got it I thought it worked perfectly. Then I had an occasion where I needed to lay the blade on its side and make a 45° miter cut. The cut was off 3° from the front to the back of a 1x4 piece of stock. I discovered that the problem was with the table. If I didn't lower the blade in just a certain way when cutting, the table would flex causing the cut to be off. I was also able to recreate this same flex in the Ridgid 10" CMS and the Ryobi 10" CMS. Three CMS's that I would not recommend.
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      The links below will give you a quick look at the features of the many models, they may be of help in deciding or narrowing your choice, but nothing beats a hands-on look so to speak.

      You need Adobe Acrobat to view the files.

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        does anyone out here have the Ridgid 12 in. MS1250LZ compound mitre saw?...Murray


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          Sorry, I don't have the Ridgid but I thought I'd mention the Delta Twin Laser at Amazon. I thought I stole mine at $265 after rebates, but they have just lowered the regular price to $287. I don't know how that price compares to the Ridgid's but the Delta lasers alone are worth $100 more. They are fixed to the saw and turn on with a separate switch. That blade washer, inertia powered, thing on the Ridgid is a joke from what I hear. The Delta the lasers are accurate and sharp enough to easily shave 1/64" off the heel or toe of your cut. The only negative I have found with it that the bevel stops cannot be bypassed.


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            I second the Delta 36-255L Dual Laser.

            It is the only CMS (Porter Cable is a twin) with a dual laser and the accuracy is incredible. It shows you exactly where both sides of the kerf will be even when the blade is tilted for a bevel and the kerf widens.

            You turn on the laser with a separate switch BEFORE turning on the blade. That means you can line up the cut with the blade stopped. On most other laser saws you have to start the blade before you can see the laser.

            Lowes usually has it for $297.


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              I have not tried the Delta but I did have the Ridgid 12" for a short time. The saw seemed to work fine but the Lazer was off to the left @ 1/8". I liked the work clamp alot.

              I owned the Ryobi 10" with the lazer it too was off 1/8" to the left and the saw was so-so.

              I now own the Ridgid 10" and love it. I don't know why but the lazer is right on??? For the price IMO is a very good saw.