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band saw blade vibration

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  • band saw blade vibration

    I'm told that the BS 1400 is being replaced or upgraded in the later half of 2008 to improve blade vibration. Has that been accomplished at this date.

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    Re: band saw blade vibration

    I haven't seen a new model at Home Depot yet. WOOD Magazine mentioned in an article about bandsaws that Ridgid was coming out with one but AFAIK there has been nothing official confirming that from Ridgid. The current model gets an awful lot of bad press so I would be surprised if Ridgid didn't come out with an updated model.
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      Re: band saw blade vibration

      I had a bs1400 for years. Vibration was not a problem.
      My only complaint is that the saw is underpowered. But, IMO, most if not all 14" bandsaws are underpowered.
      I think most people who had vibration issues didn't set something up right, such as the feet.


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        Re: band saw blade vibration

        I would have thought that if a new BS was coming out it would have debuted at the IWF last month.
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