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Makita 2.25 hp routers

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  • Makita 2.25 hp routers

    I would like to know the Good and the bad about these routers? Are these routers on sale at the woodworking show?Thanks
    Andy B.

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    I’ve had the RF1101 kit for approximately 1.5 years and it has performed flawlessly. I have not attempted to use any 3+ inch raised panel bits but it has more than ample power to plow a 1 inch straight bit through any wood I have thrown in its way. I’ve wanted to purchase the new Milwaukee 2.25 hp variable speed body grip router but I just can’t justify it since the Makita works so admirably in the table and as a plunge. I must admit though, if I were purchasing a kit today I would consider the new 890 series PC’s, I have not had an opportunity to scrutinize them, but they have some features that the Makita is lacking, i.e. above the table adjustment and auto spindle lock-single wrench bit changes.



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      I've recently purchased the Dewalt 2.25hp VS router kit to replace my PC 693pk kit.

      The Dewalt has many features that I'm finding very handy, such as:
      Removable cord set - A feature I now find to be invaluable, especially because I have the d-handle base, and could not imagine having a 10' cord zip-tied, hanging there whilke routing.

      Also, shaft-lock - I can just about change bits with the router mounted to my table because I no longer need two-wrenches. The vacuum-thru-the post feature is amazing. It works very good, and routing dust free (plunge) is still suprising me. The motor removal is also a pleasure, no more screwing out the motor to remove from the router table - it just pops out.

      Having the 693 1 1/2 hp PC kit, I regretted buying the Dewalt after I saw that the new PC Kits had been introduced, but after seeing the new PC kit at the latest WW show, I'm still glad I went with the Dewalt - It seems a lot simpler, and no so top heavy, and the remov. cord is a must fro me now. Although I admit having above the table adjustment would be great, the dust collection for handheld beats it.

      Also, it doesn't hurt that I paid $234 for a three base kit...


      Julian Tracy


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        Julian nice purchase.

        I'm stuck in that DeWalt / Porter cable circle right now I'm ready to buy one but waiting to see a good price that makes me pounce.

        Don't really want to spend 300 bucks on a combo set. You should sleep good at night though. The plunge on the DeWalt is much smoother than the porter cable.



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          my rf-1101 kit is great. money well spent. i would not trade it for anything!


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            Hi Folks, I've been a reader for a while but was inspired to register by Jake's comment about looking for a good price on the new PC 890 series or the Dewalt router. Amazon is having $25.00 off sale on any tool purchase over 199.00. And they throw in free standard shipping. I just bought the PC895PK (Plunge base, fixed base, thru-table adjuster) for 214.99. I'll give an update on how I like it when it arrives and I log some time with it. Good luck with your choice.