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Rust damage

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  • Rust damage

    I have the the jointer located in my basement workshop. The bathroom shower upstairs leaked and water got all over the cast iron table of the jointer. I removed the rust with a light sand paper followed by WD 40 which worked to stop the rust, but the nice shiney new service is stained. Is there a way to return the cast iron service back to its new state.

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    Re: Rust damage

    In this they recommend using oxalic acid. I'd be a little concerned about pitting caused by the acid. I know Boeshield has some good products for rust prevention, and I use their T9 as a rust preventative.

    I have had some staining on my TS top due to some muddy boards left lying on it. I used WD40 and some green kitchen pads to remove it. It was hard work, but eventually all the staining went away. Here is a place to get Boeshield and other rust preventatives/removers. If you're interested in Boeshield, you can find their tool care information here.

    Good luck!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.