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Dado blade installation???

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  • Dado blade installation???

    I know this is going to sound stupid... But how exactly do I place the chipper blades for the Freud Diablo? The instructions are kind of vague and simply say to put the blades between the open spaces and the chippers 90 degrees apart. That all sounds well and good... But it doesn't look right. Anyone have a picture of how it should look or a website I could look at?

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    The 2 with all the teeth go on the outsides. So put one of those on first. The next one has 2 ends. Place that about 90 degrees from the first but make sure the teeth do not touch the first ones. The next one goes on the same way. The next ones the same way. If you look the teeth are a little wider than the blade part. That is so each one cuts across the other giving you a flat bottom other wise you might have 6-8 little grooves. Also if you use shims that lets the teeth still cut across. When assembled it looks pretty monstrous and seeing it spinning is even worse. I made a zci for mine and that was interesting.

    Also you will notice that you have to use shims to get exactly 3/4 on an inch. That is because all arbors are going to have a little wobble called runout and that makes the stack cut a smidge wider. It they added up to exactly 3/4 on an inch it would be too wide for your 3/4 stock to fit snuggly.

    Hope this helps.