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    Right now I'm trapped in the laundry room trying to finish it for LOML.

    After that (hopefully soon!!!), I plan on making a jelly cupboard with some barn wood I salvaged. Can't wait.


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      I've got a dozen desk clocks at the half way stage and Norm's Cherry Shaker Cradle in the works. It's my first time working with cherry, and this sure is beautiful wood.
      The clocks all vary...walnut, maple, poplar, purpleheart and padauk.

      But right at this very second I'm working on a Molson Canadian

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        Just finishing (literally) a tack trunk for the commander-in-chief to use at the barn. She's been using a plastic storage tub for a few years and after letting me spend our money on tools instead of a trunk I figured she was due Pretty simple box construction using biscuits with an applied molding and dovetailed trays. For the next project I'll have to consult the 5000 item list of things waiting to be done!
        - Tim


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          Wish I could say I was working on some great projects but still trying to put the shop together....I have 5 ridgid tools still in the boxes in the garage waiting for the grand opening more wall to take out, 2 - 3 weeks of painting then maybe I can actually start setting up the meantime I sit back and read all your posts with my first cup of coffee...I have learned so much from you folks in the last 6 weeks or so...thanks a million for your ideas and suggestions.


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            12' x 6' Arbor for the wife's garden and oak hutch for our Florida room [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              Following the orders of this home's boss...

              1. Just finished extra mouldings on the kitchen cabinets

              2. Also just finished a built-in bookcase over built in desk

              3. Entertainment unit to house the big-screen TV

              4. New fireplace surround

              5. Built-in storage cabinets/bookcases in the wife's office

              6. Framing in master bath for wall mirror

              7. 6 string curly maple bass guitar (that one's for me)



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                These are great!!! We're certainly keeping our respective lumber yards (and electric plants) profitable.
                Because of our mild winter up here in Massachusetts, I've been able to already complete my deck rebuild project. I used the old frame and replaced decking and railings. I used Trex brand composite decking. Great stuff.
                I need an indoor shop project for my evenings and rainy days. I'd like to build the "perfect workbench". Any thoughts, links to plans, inputs, would be greatly appreciated.


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                  Here are a few links that might help. Everyone's idea of perfect is a little different but most of these plans can be tweaked to your personal needs. Finding the right hardware (usually the vise) can be a little trouble. They are available from a number of sources on the net and in better woodworking stores if you have one in your area.
                  Free Plan:

                  link to workbench book (a friend has this, very informative)

                  workbenches for sale (good for ideas)

                  workbench "kit"

                  These are just a few. There are many out there.

                  Good luck,
                  Wood DOg


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                    I have taken the plunge, and my garage will be growing 10' longer x its wdth of 18'. got the slab down and now going to get the cypress rough cut to make the ship lap siding,119 boards 1"x6", 8'&10' long. I figure that with set up and double checking this will be about a 40 hour porject..then off to get the rest of the materials. I hope to have this finished in about 4 - 5 weeks as I am not in a rush, just want it right. any information on what the morsture content should be on cypress before planing etc. ?


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                      Thanks for the links to those workbenches. I think one for the basement workshop and one for the garage should do it....We never learn!!


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                        A future woodworker. Just finished the project at 4:30 AM yesterday. Brian Charles, 6lbs 8oz, 19". [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                          Congratulations! Looks like a teddy bear shelf project is in your future [img]redface.gif[/img])


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                            Hearty congratulations MarkR! Now you have to expand the woodshop and tool-up some more for a long list of new projects for sure!


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                              Congratulations to you and your family!!!! My 15 year old son and my 11 year old daughter are already with me in my shop most of the time....personalized tool belts and all...

                              Good luck


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                                Congrats on the new addition! Still working on that project! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
                                - Tim