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    Great news!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    And how appropriate that you posted this in the "What you've been working on" thread.


    You can never have too many workbenches. I was recently trying to convince my better half she needed one of those European vises mounted on her kitchen island.......

    Why do they look at us like that??????? [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Wood Dog


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      Hey, who stuck that emoticon on the end of my post? It certainly does not convey my good wishes!

      Best regards,



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        Thanks All. This is by far the best "project" I have ever made. What an AWESOME experience. It was a bit stressfull for the first 2 days, Brian got in a bit of distress during labor which caused him to breath and swallow some stuff he was not suppose too! Ended up in an emergency C-Section. Two days later, Mommy and Baby are doing great. He slept in our room for the first time last night. I'm sure it will get old, but for some reason I didn't mind getting woken up every 3 hours.


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          I'm working on a coat rack.
          Andy B.


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            NEW PROJECT:

            Thanks to the @#!%*&@!## that broke in, ripped off, and trashed my RV I now have another project. A number of drawers were pulled out, thrown down, and broken. Insurance covers most but after looking at the construction of the drawers, I think I can do better than the stock replacement. The faces are all solid oak and fortunately not damaged. The rest of the drawer is pretty well messed up.

            As soon as I finish these WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE posters, I'm going to start on the repairs. Oh well, this may be a good time to invest in that Leigh dovetail jig I've been trying to convince myself I needed. (AKA looking for that silver lining.) I know there are some real experts on this forum in that area and could sure use some advice.

            I don't even know where to begin with the damage on the hardwood floors in the galley. Maybe it's not as bad as it looked(hope).

            I'm so mad right now I could spit nails. Anybody need a Mad Dog air nailer?

            Wood Dog (aka Mad Dog......'till I get over it)


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              Mad Dog...

              Sorry to hear that, there is little that makes me madder that someone stealing something I property is not yours for you to come and take. Hope they catch whoever did it.