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  • What's everyone working on?

    Just wondering what everyone is working on?

    I'm a graphic designer and a major do it your selfer who thinks he can make things out of wood too so I decided to build cabinets for my new kitchen addition. Never did any of this before so I decided to build some bookshelves for my kids rooms as a warm up. Over all, the first two units turned out OK. Did dados across 16 inches. The first unit was a nightmare cause my jig (or what every you call it) just did not work. Dados were out of alignment and I had a heck of a time assembling.

    Spent 2 months developing a second and then a third jig that got my wide dados down to a science. I impressed myself (an easy thing to do).

    Built both units out of oak plywood and used 3/4 oak to do the edges with a plate joiner. I thought this would be easy but am having a hard time getting things lined up the way I want (perfect).

    Used oil wall primer to pickle (saw this on Norm's). Left it on about 5 minutes then rubbed in a pecan stain. This really turned out nice. Finished with 3 coats of thinned down (like water) poly. 320 grit between coats.

    So, overall, I'm learning a lot from doing and from this forum. Can't wait to tackle the cabinets. After 6 foot tall bookshelves, 36 inch cabinets sound like a vacation.

    Best regards,


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    Currently building a new bar counter out of Oak. After that its going to be a remodel of a bathroom.

    In between I've got a 79 Mustang that is current tore all the way down to the bare unibody.



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      Currently working on an outdoor bar and new BBQ cabinet for deck. Learning a lot about using tile in an outdoor application as both with have tiled tops.

      Next will be lower deck addition to tie into middle deck addition completed last year. This will include a section to accommodate a hot tub as well. If time permits, would also like to work on a garden bench and rose arbor. I have also committed to installing a Koi pond with water fall and fountain.

      That should keep me out of trouble.....but then again

      Wood Dog


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        Currently replacing transom on a 12' fishing boat. Using 3/4 birch plywood. Any ideas on sealing edges? Not worththe cost of getting too expensive.


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          Just finished the grandfather clock - put it in the foyer this morning. A couple of things I would have done differently, now I know why Norm builds a prototype first, but overall looks great.

          Next I go outside to re-do the deck. A lot of work, although nothing fancy. I am kind of looking forward to getting all that 15 year old cedar into inventory. I already made three adirondak chairs (Norm's plans), maybe a play-house for the kids that I can turn into a shed as they get older.

          I fill in between projects with wood bowl or other turnings on the lathe. These are relatively quick projects that make nice gifts and accent pieces.


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            All-maple sewing table for the Commander-in-chief with machine lifter. Started with the drawers first (5 of them), which I just finished last night. The rest of the line up: custom workshop bench fitted for assembly and repair work on my radio-controlled airplanes and model helis; working table for the cut-off saw; rolling caddy for all my clamps like Norm's; small work table for electrical/electronic projects in the den; all-metal potting table... like a hermit happily confined to the woodshop!


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              Building a tool box that was in shopnotes #62. Going to give it to my brother inlaw. Building book shelves and entertainment center for our family room. Just starting to get into the spring thing outside. Now the wife wants a new picnic table (I want a new saw ).
              Semper Fi <BR>Chuck<BR>USMC 66-70


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                Hello Henry!! Currently I am planning a new mantle for my livingroom. Next it will be a kitchen cabinet project. Thanks for asking. It's great to see all of the responses.


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                  Tplank you should be able to get marine poly at your local HD, or any other home improvement for that matter. I just like HD for Ridgid anyhow. Find that more often than not, when they ask me if they can help, they can't do as well, or better than I can.
                  If anyone else has that problem, do what I did, memorize the whole store. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                    Well I am in the middle/just started/nearly finished my usual running 5 or 6 projects, starting from a simple small bookcase up to a 12 foot cartopper boat.

                    It's amazing how many friends and relatives need this or that building when they find out that we are into woodworking and that you have actually built a chair you can really sit on... I guess you all know what I mean.

                    Cheers Ivor


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                      About to finish a rocking horse for my granddaughter's 3rd b-day next month. Next in line is a potty chair for a friends niece and a couple more horses. I can't understand charge means more demand.


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                        I'm working on a bathroom vanity for a friend’s house. This is the very first project I have ever attempted and I think it is winning.

                        Think it might have turned out straighter if I had a TS2424.
                        Every project I start is a gamble.


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                          Just finished drawers for my workbench. Next project is building two curio cabinets for my granddaughters. At the moment just trying to figure out how I want to build the darn things! Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                            I am working on building a traditional style workbench out of hickory. If I could find more time it would really help. Anyone know where I can get a 30 hour day?


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                              Woody, I have found that my dual personality (my friends call me skitzofrenik, but we don't know what that means) allows me to get twice as much done.