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A Tale of 2 Jointers

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  • A Tale of 2 Jointers

    Just sharing my experience on the new Orange Jointer.

    Purchased at HD for full pop in Jan (before the spiffy warranty offer seemed to end). Got it home and assembled. Ran for about 60 seconds and then started making a strange clicking noise. Before I could shut it down, it solved the problem itself by emitting a cute puff of smoke and dying. My quick analysis was bum motor.

    Called Ridgid CS and they gave me two options. Take it back to HD or the local repair center. Not wanting to lug this thing back, nor assemble another one, I called the Repair Center and asked if we could just swap the motor. Figured they could bench check it, confirm death and we'd all move on.

    That apparently was too simple of a concept. They couldn't do that because "they're required to make sure the appropriate safety eqpt is in place, blah, blah, blah." I pointed out that I was the guy who put it together in the first place and this didn't seem like a great solution. No dice. I HAD to bring the whole thing to them and let them work on it. OK, how long I asked... three weeks minimum was the answer.

    So I packed the thing back up and took it back to HD. Minimal hassle and I was back out the door with my second jointer. They do go together faster the second time around... altho lugging those things back and forth is a pain.

    Jointer #2 is running fine and I'm very pleased with it. Kudo's to HD for handling the problem well (so well that I just purchased 2 more Ridgid tools but that's another posting). Too bad Ridgid CS couldn't have just authorized (or shipped direct) a replacement motor. I had to build 2 when 1 was enough... and Ridgid took a return on a complete unit when the only problem was the motor...

    -- Sam