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JP 610 Fence redesign

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  • JP 610 Fence redesign

    The following is a quote from Dave Hazelwood regarding the fence stops in his reply to Wood Magazine jointer reviews.

    "Under the heading, "Now, Factor in the Fence", the article makes the point that the 45 degree fence stops on the RIDGID and several of the competitior units allowed the fence to move slightly as these fences were tightened at the 45 degree position. Upon being made aware of this problem, I assured you that our RIDGID engineers would make a change to our jointer that would correct this problem. You made reference to this commitment in your article. I'm happy to confirm for you and your readers that this
    change, as you described in in the article, has been implemented."

    I was just wondering if that was going to be a free parts replacement like the arbor (rolled vs cut threads) on the TS 2412. I personally have not tried the 45/135 stops so I cant speak as to whether it is even needed

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