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Any suggestions on benchtop drill press?

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  • Any suggestions on benchtop drill press?

    I'm in the market for a benchtop drill press.

    I live in a garageless apartment so portability is a key issue as well as quality of course (I put away all tools into a closet after EVERY use... I even have a "portable combo workstation/outfeed table".

    I've been looking at the Delta 11-900 8" drill press. Weight 37.5 lbs. Everything else seems to be in the 50 lbs. range. I'd rather save my back rather than have to lift the 12.5 lbs. whenever I use it.

    Primary use will be cutting mortises.

    Any comments on this unit? It's pretty cheap so I'm a little concerned about quality. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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    i bought the 10" ryobi benchtop drill press from home depot last month and so far i am happy with it. the price of the unit is $97 and it weighs about 65 pounds. it looks like it is well built (for the price). i dont use it for mortising since i have a separate mortising machine but i think it does accept mortising attachements.


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      I had one of those. Gave it away when I got a big press.

      Actually, not a bad machine (if I sound surprised it's because low end Delta tools and I often don't get along). I rarely recommend it because I rarely recommend benchtops, but you have a special circumstance.

      Two concerns, which probably apply to every in its class.

      One is that low speed isn't low enough. I ruined a couple expensive Forstner bits by overheating them. The answer is simple, make sure you have extra patience with larger bits.

      Second is that the stroke is a little short. I occasionally turn pens, and it won't drill through a common sized pen blank. A little ingenuity takes care of this.

      So, a qualified recommendation for this machine. I do assume by "cutting mortises", you mean drilling holes that then will be chiseled square. To my knowledge, there is no mortising attachment that would come close to fitting this machine, there's just no space.



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        Hello bubba, I once did all my work out on the back deck of my house so I know how it is to tote tools back and forth. I would suggest the ryobi or a 10 inch delta press. I also strongly suggest you get a 2 wheel handtruck. It will be a back saver. I have the 12 inch delta and it was a bear to move. I think the 8 inch is a little to light. Go luck and make sawdust.



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          hello bubba,

          i was shopping at cosco (price club) tonight and found that they now carry the delta 10" benchtop drill press for $99. you might want to check it out.