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can an old home built drill press be

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  • can an old home built drill press be

    Okay Guys and may be some Gals here
    here my question please
    Hubby inherited his Dads old homemade big drill press years ago
    He has it at other place. I bought a Ridgid for here .I hated like heck to spend good money but I like EASY
    I could NOT easily move the heavy heavy table. It didnt have the turn handle. you know crank??? It has the smooth"trunk" Have to grab the heavy thing and twist it up and down then lock it back. Duh Im not a 200 pounder plus like Hubby. Im like half his weight. even though I try moving big stuff myself .Plus Hubby is NOT getting any younger, nor his poor old back nor mine
    Any thought ????? Please
    I enjoyed reading forums period. Course I should be washing clothes, vacuuming , stacking firewood, sewing etc instead .
    Lots of free firewood still at neighbor curbs since string winds couple of weeks ago.
    Any thoughts all
    Thanks all

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    Re: can an old home built drill press be

    Hi Jean and welcome

    Are you asking about how to move the old drill press or are you wanting to know what to do with it?

    When you say "trunk" I think you mean that column. Older drill presses in many cases required more work from the user for sure. They lacked features of today to keep the design and manufacturing more simple.

    If you can please try to get and post more info about it. Pictures are great too.
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      Re: can an old home built drill press be

      wanna be able to lower and raise the table. I couldnt think of the word "column" sorry... senioritis here
      Naw it has wheels Hubby might have did that part. Cant remember
      It at other place so cant take picture right now
      Just kind of wondering if there is a way to add a "track" to column so it can be cranked up and down. Instead of bearhugging the table and twisting and locking and unlocking handle
      Thanks again Id better log off and go pick some of my more apples before the rodents(treetype) get the rest


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        Re: can an old home built drill press be

        Try placing a log or wooden box and a scissor jack under the drill press table. The jack should make raising and lowering the DP table much easier.
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          Re: can an old home built drill press be

          a small boat winch, or similar, one can make a rack and pinon out of a piece of roller chain and a sprocket, tack weld the roller chain to some thing, and make a place for the small sprocket to tack on it,

          you can buy rack and pinon from places like Granger, and places like MSC,

          one could use a threaded shaft, and a nut, to make a type of lift, and possibly run it with a drill or some type of gear down motor, to make it quicker to move.
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            Re: can an old home built drill press be

            My old drill press didn't have a rack and pinion so I had to manually lift the table, but it really wasn't hard to do. I wonder if this one either has a really huge and heavy table or maybe the column needs to be cleaned and greased so it will slide easier.

            BadgerDave's idea of wood blocks and a scissor jack is a good one.
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