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    I read some of your alls comments on bandsaw
    I of course shouldnt be spending a penny in this economy Im listening now to talk radio Tv is not my thing. wished I saved my old silver dimes.....
    But in meantime
    But I want Hubby to take the Craftsman 12 inch old but great shape Bandsaw to other place
    I would like a bigger unit really an 18 inch but cant afford but will settle for a 14 inch
    So you guys who have the Ridgid and Craftsman etc please weigh in.
    Thank you
    I tried Craigs list but Im scared of used

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    Re: Latest on bandsaw

    I can not speak for either of them. i have the Grizzly GO555 with the riser block.

    It has handled everything I have thrown at it.
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      Re: Latest on bandsaw

      In the general price range of the Ridgid and the Craftsman, I'd recommend RixWorx's bandsaw.
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        Re: Latest on bandsaw

        My opinion; if you want bigger than 14” save your pennies and do so. If you want 14 cast iron look at Grizzly and Jet. Lots of bang for the $$. Steel City is really very nice but only a little more $$. If you want fabricated 14” look at Sears or Ricon. My opinion.
        I have a 14 Jet CI that serves my needs very well. Might not work for you.


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          Re: Latest on bandsaw

          I have the Rigid 14" and I have no complaints. You get it and set it up right, and you should have no problems.


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            Re: Latest on bandsaw

            I'm gonna get smacked for saying this here... But I have the Central Machinery 32208 14" band saw with riser block and love it... No vibration, sawing found lumber with my shop built jig is plenty easy...


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              Re: Latest on bandsaw

              I say save your money for more power. If it takes a year, then it takes a year.


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                Re: Latest on bandsaw

                I just bought the Caftsman 14" European style frame (made by Rikon) a few month ago.
                Very large surface and allow 8" cut. VERRRYY rigid frame.
                Last week I put on a 5/8" blade in it, tensioned it and it ran like a charm.

                2 months ago I installed a Kreg fence on it. The original fence attaches from under the table so I modified a L iron bar to fit it. I cloned the pattern from the original fence rail on the bottom of the L bar and made the holes for the Kreg fence rail on the side of the L bar. Threaded the holes to 1/4" 20 and fixed the Kreg rail for the fence onto the L bar.

                Now I have a very good saw with a very good fence.


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                  Re: Latest on bandsaw

                  I just bought the Craftsman 14" European style frame (made by Rikon) a few month ago.
                  It may look like a Rikon but according to the Rep from Rikon I talked to last year about this time, they were not making the saw for Sears.
                  That may have changed but that's what he told me when I spoke to him on the phone when I called with a Q about my Rikon BS.
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                    Re: Latest on bandsaw

                    I have the Ridgid and would not buy it again. If you search this forum, you will see that it has a lot of problems. On the bright side, the warranty is great and the problems can be worked out (with a good deal of time and effort). But, overall I would not do it again.


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                      Re: Latest on bandsaw

                      Your choice really boils down to two things, cost and intended usage.

                      If you are going to be doing small detail cuts and not so thick stock, about any BS will do.

                      If you need to do some serious cutting, like thick blocks or re-sawing, you need to spend the money and buy the saw that can handle the larger blades well. Not to mention a bigger motor too!
                      Yes, you "can" stuff some medium size blades in a regular home owner saw, but they don't usually track too good and the saw will be way under powered for what you want to do.

                      I have a 1/2 hp Delta cast iron 14" BS and it does ok. I don't do any re-sawing but do an occasional 6" thick Oak bowl blank. It's slow going but I get it done. Most of mine is arches in 3/4" stock for entertainment centers or arched top cabinet doors. For that, anything will work.

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                        Re: Latest on bandsaw

                        Knowing what I know now, if I had it to do over again I would NOT buy a Ridgid BS 14000. I’ve had problems with sever vibration and the inability to make a straight cut. Blade seems to wonder no matter what I do! I know most of the vibration is due to the imported belt on the thing and both the wheels are significantly out of balance. In my attempt to balance the upper wheel, I’ve removed so much metal that I am now concerned about it’s structural integrity. Can’t blame anyone but myself for that, instead of continually trying to remove weight from the heavy side, I should have stepped back and rethought the situation and added weight to the light side. Hind sight is usually 20/20. I have to say though, I started with a Ridgid table saw then purchased a Ridgid planer then purchased a Ridgid jointer prior to buying the band saw. My decision to buy a Ridgid band saw was due to the fact that my table saw, planer and jointer all went together perfectly and were almost dead on in alignment right out of the box.

                        My suggestion, think of it as a long term investment, continue to save your penny’s and buy a Grizzly.