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  • mortise and tennon

    I'm in the middle of making the off center tennons. I have already cut the mortise on the motriseing machine. I have 8 tennons to cut. I have two ways to cut the tennon. One is a tennoning jig that rides in the miter slot. The other way is with a dado head. Wich way to go?

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    Andy B.

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    tenoning jig, if preceive the application correctly.
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      I haven't really done many (yet), but I'll be making a mission bed soon, so I'll get my share.
      I can tell you that my approach will be to use a dado blade and lay the stock flat. I'll probably under-cut everything, and then make fine adjustments until I get a perfect fit, then lock in the saw and make repeat cuts, using the good piece to re-adjust the saw and make the rest of the cuts.
      There are alot of members who've done many many more, some with expensive jigs, but I'm sure they could help out more.


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        I went with the dado. I have to say is was fast.
        Andy B.