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Newbie Needs Rails/Advice on TS2424

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  • Newbie Needs Rails/Advice on TS2424

    Hello all! I'm the proud new owner of a TS2424, sans miter gauge, sans rails (it does have the fence). It was the HD floor model and they'd lost all the stuff that went with it (plus it was dusty as heck) and so agreed to sell it to me for a cool $200. Woo hoo!

    I'm a real newbie to woodworking (and enjoying it a ton). Can someone give me advice on
    1) anything I should know about setting up/using the 2424;
    2) It seems like the 3650 rails fit the 2424, right? Should I buy those or the original 2424 rails?
    3) If the answer to 2) is "yes", will the 2424 fence fit on the 3650 rails?
    4) The hardware manager told me that Ridgid would honor the warranty even on the discounted floor model -- has anyone had experience with this and knows it's true?

    Thanks very much in advance for any advice.


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    Dusty Cat,

    Talk to the folks in Ridgid customer service (CS). I too bought the floor model, a 2412 recently and CS came through with quite a few parts for me at nc. Explain the situation and I think they'll understand.

    Also, I recently purchased the kit that gives you a longer set of rails and found this at my HD at a stepp discount off the original prices $80 vs $145. So look around you may be better off getting the kit. I'd sell you my old rails but they're not in the best shape and I may end up using them on the left side but I'll let you know if you strike out with CS



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      Is the kit you got the AC1036? Maybe I'll call around to a few HDs and see if any have it in stock (I know my local one doesn't). I'll definitely try calling CS.


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        I don't know if they are interchangeable (Ridgid service could tell you), but I have a new set of TS2412 rails that I'll sell you for $40 shipped.

        You'll definitely want to make sure the TS2424 fence will work on them first though.

        Email me if interested



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          Dusty Cat,

          Yes it was the AC1036 and I found it at the store in Gaithersburg. Shop around you may be able to find one.