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    I was ready to buy a TS3612. Now I don't know. Maybe a Delt contractor $850+-. Any better suggestions.
    This all makes me sick. Ridgid willnot honor warranties or tell us what is going on.
    Quess I will scratch Emerson off my list for home or business.

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    I don't think I would be so fatalistic about Rigid. It would be suicide for Emerson to drop all support and/or warranty for the thousands of tools that are already out there.
    I purchased a Ryobi BT3000 a few years ago before Ryobi decided to start making miniature Mickey Mouse tools but I have found that they still support my table saw (which I really like) and still sell additional accessories for it. I think the Rigid table saw is a good product with some features superior to my Ryobi. If I was in the market today I would seriously consider the Rigid but I would definitely purchase the 3612. Go ahead live on the edge!


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      I had decided to buy it until I read that Ryobi would not honor the Ridgid warannty without driving 300 miles to a service center. And, the closer service center had quit working on Ridgid because they were no longer easy to work with.


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        You've got a bunch of choices for contractor saws starting as low as $325 (Grizzly) $550 (Jet) and $600 (Delta). For $900 you could get a Grizzly G1023 cabinet saw.


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          I agree with Patrick. If I could shell out $850+, I would seriously look at the Grizzly cabinet saw.


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            Anybody have experience with the $325 grizzly? How does it compare to the ts3612?


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              I was looking at that one, too (1022SM). And it's on summer special at $295.00, plus $55 shipping in the 48.

              There was a regular guy review at epinions

              The 1022Z costs more, mainly for the upgraded fence.

              Noise is supposed to be a bit of an issue, however. I have no way of guessing what it's like from the description, but I don't want the HOA kicking my door down!


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                SC Wood...a wise choice...I am concerned about my current Ridgid saws and the future of service and or parts on the now famous "lifetime warranty". If I had it to do over, I'd go a different route.
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                  scwood...did i miss something? i am aware of the shake up between ridgid and emerson...but they are no longer honoring their lifetime warranty?


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                    i cant be happier with my ts3612..awesome machine. i missed most of the topics about what is going on between emerson and ridgid, i am aware there is a shake up but thats about it.

                    one thing to keep in mind. in my opinion. even if as of today...yesterday...a few weeks ago...etc, ridgid no longer will honor the lifetime warranty...there are two things to think about here

                    the letter of the law makes it impossible for them not to honor the warranty on tools made and sold prior to that date.

                    and even if you were to buy a ridgid tool at this point...without a lifetime warranty, you are still a step ahead. reason being that particular tool was built by emerson to the quality standards of a lifetime warranty. if yuo can verify it was made by emerson during that time, you cant go wrong...because it is a well built solid machine

                    i would be interesting in knowing how many people who had purchased ridgid shop tools have actually had to take advantage of that warranty.

                    the minor problems i had fell within the warranty period of the purchase of the saw anyway.

                    it is possible you can still get a lemon...but it is less likely seeing as how those tools would have been mfgd with a lifetime warranty in mind

                    if you look at the different contractors saws, you will find some pretty distinct similarities
                    reason being they may not have been built by or for the same company, they were built off of the same patented design to different specs with regard to quality...which explains the difference in warranty coverage
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