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    Wow! Around here they don't allow the Home Depot associates to plug things into actual electricity.

    I've never seen them demonstrate anything.


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      Hello Creature,

      I just purchased a TS 2400 on April 1st and this is an excellent TS. I have been woodworking since 92 and I started with the Ryobi BT 3000 - they call it the 3000 since this is the number of attempts required to get the @#$%^&* sliding table into alignment (which I never managed to do). I sold it in 94 and got a Delta contractors saw which was an excellent saw but to big with all the other seperates for my new workshop. I have since sold my delta and all of my other seperates and bought the TS 2400 to use for finishing the shop and as a second ts for the shop.

      I find the 2400 has alot less vibration than my old delta. I use a WWII blade in the 2400 and it works great. I like the set-up instructions that come with the 2400 and the saw right out of the box was in very good alignment. I am ordering a Mini Max CU 300 Smart (combination machine) as my main shop tool, but I am really enjoying my 2400 at the moment.