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    I'm looking for a few specific tools. I'm looking for a shop vac, I'm pretty much sold on one of the smaller rigid wet/dry vacs. But I'm also looking for a table saw, and I'm pretty much undecided on that. I'm a novice woodworker in my basement, and I don't have space for a big saw, Skill have one on for $250 cdn with a base, or as one of those bench top deals. Sears have one with the extending top for $180-190 cdn. Though I've seen a few of you guys rip Sears stuff, what should I be looking out for?

    I'd probably appreciate one with a router table built in, though I already have one. I find the fence doesn't move far enough away. Although it certainly isn't a must.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You might want to think through the type of work you're interested in doing and what tools you already have. Mostly, I'm a great believer in buying tools as you need them---also easier on the wallet!

    If you are absolutely sure you're only going to do small projects, like foot stools or hanging shelves, etc., a benchtop table saw would probably be fine----however, they are extremely limiting for cutting sheet goods, long rip cuts etc. Aside from lack of cutting capacity, they are generally noisy little direct drive/universal motors, which tend to burn out faster than induction drives found on full-sized saws.

    I'd go a Home Depot and look at the Ridgid 3612----it's a fantastic saw which you will likely never outgrow.

    If you absolutely must buy a benchtop----figgure you will need to spend at least $300 for a decent one----by all means, avoid Skill, Craftsman, and B&D.


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      My 2 cents worth...stay as far away from sears as you can. They have my last $ long ago and they rerally do not care about YOU, only your $. If it breake or whatever they do NOT honor the CRAFTSMAN warrenty.....


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        Got the shelves up, foot stool is done too
        I'm looking at replacing my deck this spring, and I wanna put a roof over it, and I'm sick of borrowing dads tools.

        The tools I do have are the regular slew of hand tools every man should have, as well as a 12" compund mitre saw, 12v cordless drill, router, sander, dremel and scroll saw.
        The longer term plan is for the table saw and then a lathe. I know rigid have one, I saw it at home depot, but I'm not sure where to start looking at them either. For what HD wanted for the rigid I could get one from Lee Valley.

        Back to the table saw, My impression of Ryobi are that they are cheap junk, am I right?
        Whats up with the sears stuff, are they garbage outta the box, or is it how much you use it?

        I was very impressed with the Bosch, much more than DeWalt.


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          Your right on Ryobi is junk! The TS 3612 is the best table saw around!
          Andy B.


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            Welcome creature, I have the Dewalt contractor saw, and I am extermely happy with it, however it isn't the least costly saw out there. Depending on your wallet size and room size, look into the ridgid saw. Take the word of all the guys on here who are ecstatic with their ridgid table saws and my experience with their service dept. gives them 5 stars. Don't worry about how the display is set up at home depot,if you buy it and follow the set-up directions you will have one QUALITY piece of woodworking equipment at your disposal for a LONG time.

            happy hunting


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              Hello Creature, and welcome to the forum. If your space is limited, I can recommend the Ridgid TS2400. It's fairly small, comes with a stand that folds up into a dolly that you can roll away, and is a very good saw. In my case, the ability to fold the thing up and store it in a small place was mandatory, since I have to work in my carport and have to store my tools in a small storage room/laundry room. I especially like that the table extends to the right so that I can move the fence out past 24".

              Here's a link to Ridgid's description in case you haven't seen one.

              De Colores,
              Boerne, TX


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                ts 2400, now thats the kinda saw I can fit into my space, I know I haven't seen that at HD. Maybe I'll go take a looke later on today and see if it's at least available.

                I've tried the HD website, apparently we Canadians are not worthy of looking there without entering an American zip code.

                I must say, we are fortunate to have a Eastern Canadian big box HD type store called Kents, while the web site sux, they are opening up a can of whupazz on HD as competing for local market. The staff knows where stuff is and they really seem to know whats what in the tool corral.

                too bad they don't carry any rigid tools.

                [ 03-29-2003, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: Creature ]


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                  Well I went out today and bought the WD0945, now thats a mans vac. Lots of power, and it's a nice little rig. I took a look at the TS2400 while I was there, and one of the bone heads from home depot ripped a 2x4 to a 2x3 for a customer while I was there on a TS3612. Now I'd give rigid the benefit of the guy being a tard, bogging down the motor to a halt, god only knows who has put what past that blade. But he wore absolutely no protection and took no precautions, ie push sticks or the like. My fiance wasn't thrilled with the idea of the saw, but the show the HD guy put on really didn't help.

                  In the end, the $100 difference between the 2400 and the 3612 made me think the 3612 wasn't all that much more of a saw. I'm gonna have to check some more, cuz they wanted $789 for the 2400. I know DW and Bosch are about $200 less. I wanna see if the value is there in the rigid or if it's just a kick in the pants from dw and bosch.


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                    I wanna see if the value is there in the rigid
                    Yes there value in the ridgid. My table saw the one before the 3612 ripes the 2x4 with no promblems! You have to rember At HD they usealy don't set up the machines the right way. I agree the person who rip the stock should have use safty glasses and a push stick.

                    [ 03-29-2003, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
                    Andy B.


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                      Since you're located in Canada, you might want to check out the saws manufactured by General International. They are made in Canada and get great reviews.

                      Bob R


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                        I was rather surprised to hear that a 3612 bogged down. Dull blade comes to mind, then lack of splitter and guard comes to mind. Green 2 x4 being ripped without a splitter will bog anything less that a full bore cabinet saw! The ridgid saws sound pricey in CDN. The ryobi BT3100 has its followers who swear by it, however I have heard of motor failures being common with it. Most of the guys here are pushing the 3612 because the belt driven saws are more accurate because the arbors have less wiggle. Having just used my fathers Dewalt RAS last week, I was reminded of how much wiggle direct drive has! My only suggestion before going with the Bosch or Dewalt is to maybe get a 2424 on closeout. Most of them are gone, but some HD's still have them, usually for $100. less than the 3612. Good Luck and welcome to the forum!
                        \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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                          Creature, as I am a happy dewalt ts owner, remember one RIDGIG thing, LIFETIME WARRANTY, that should be a deciding factor. I realize that i am partial to dewalt, but my 12" slide miter saw took a dump on me after 2 yrs of use and the repair bill is 195.00so I now have over 800.00 in a slide saw that a lifetime warranty would have covered. what happens in another two years? And i have first hand dealings with Ridgid's service dep't., and it was excellent. I use my slide saw daily, and it took two years of constant use to find the flaw that caused it to go down. If you buy the Dewalt or Bosch, and no lifetime guarantee and have it for 5 yrs and it goes down, then you have repair costs.

                          good luck in your decision.


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                            As to your HD "demonstration" -- first, HD employess wouldn't know how to properly align a rip fence if their life depended on it---second, I'd also take a bet that the 2x4 being ripped likely had a bow in it which would also bog the saw down. I have one of Emerson's earlier saws, with only a 1 hp motor, and with the fence aligned, it doesn't bog down.

                            I'd also add----as to storage---you can fit a lot underneath the wing of the 3612, when not in use!


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                              Add the price of the stand to the DW and Bosch and you'll see the value in the Ridgid...I have both a 2400 and 2424...wouldn't trade either one...

                              The 3612 the idiot was bogging is more than tough enough to rip any 2x4...he just didn't know what he was doing...I can bog any saw made by feeding too quickly. The 3612 is stronger than the 2400, but then they are made for two different jobs.
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