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  • BS1400 review

    I saw a FWW Tool Review for 2004 today and the BS1400 was in the mix. The winner of the 14" bandsaw review? It was the Laguna 14" which sells at the low low price of $900. Why do they put such disparate tool offerings in these reviews? No kidding the ones that cost 3X's as much are better than the bargains. The BS1400 got the best value award.

    I was looking at the Delta 14" today and comparing to my BS1400. The Delta was 400 and I got mine in the Dec sale at 300. The two saws looked remarkable similar. The BS1400 has finger tight adjustment for the guide blocks where as the Delta had allen bolts. The BS1400 now has a noname China motor (3/4 hp), and the Delta? Also 3/4 hp made by guess who, Emerson. The traitors. The wheels and tires looked to be made of like materials. The stand was a big difference. This is the biggest weakness in the Bs1400 IMO. The Delta's stand top was heavy gauge steel with no flex at all. The Ridgid stand is much thinner with a fair amount of flex. Especially since the one leg of the BS bolt to the center of the stand. This causes most of my vibration I believe. I can see where they have added stiffeners underneath the stand for the motor attachments but I think I will wind up adding some more steel to stiffen things up a bit. For 300 the BS can't be beat I dont think. It probalby won't be the last BS i ever have to buy, but then that is not why I bought it in the first place. I wanted to make sawdust now. Not in 10 years when I have more to spend, say on that 14" Laguna.


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    Hey Chris,

    Did they have the new model Powermatic bandsaw in that review. That puppy gives me WOOD.



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      last year sometime Fine Woodworking did a revue on Band Saws and the Ridgid got a very good review. They rated it high because it gave the highest blade tension and was able to hold it. Wish I could tell you what issue it was but I'm not very organized (hehe) my mags are in piles.


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