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  • Lifetime Registration for 3650

    I called the customer support line today to check on my paperwork that had been sent in in Jan. of 08 and asked them why my lifetime warranty did not show up in my record.
    They checked and had no answer for me. I was told to resend the proof of purchase and that the barcode was not necessary now.
    If you go into your record and it isn't listed with a lifetime warr. I would suggest you call.

    A few months ago someone wrote about adjusting the position of the motor pulley on the in relation to something else either on the motor or pulley to decrease vibration. I have some vibration but a nickel will stand for a while. When the saw is cycling down at one point there is a good ammount of vbration of the table and saw blade that decreases greatly as the speed gets slower.
    I have tried searching the different woodworking threads for the vibration but can find nothin about vibration for the 3650. I could be doing it wrong.

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    Re: Lifetime Registration for 3650

    if you check the owner's manual, there is a section about aligning the motor and arbor pulleys. i had a slight vibration problem a little careful pulley alignment left a nickel standing from start up through shut down. a good, relatively thin, straightedge will make this fairly easy.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: Lifetime Registration for 3650

      I was told the same thing in regards to a cordless drill LSA that I registered in July of '07. Just faxed in my receipt yesterday.

      Also I talk to three reps this past week and was told they are switching over to a new computer system which has cause the problem. I ask the last one a year and a half to switch over??? No reply from him...
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