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Dado 7" vs 8"

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  • Dado 7" vs 8"

    I just purchased the TS2424 and TP1300 last weekend. I haven't had a chance to put the saw together but noticed that on the 2424 they are (vial mail) giving you a dust collector, miter gage hold down and a 7" dado insert as an incentive. Now I've been keeping an eye out for a 7" dado set but only seem to see 8". If this is the standard and Ridgid has the insert for 8" (per the accessores site), why don't they include "the standard" 8"?



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    The smaller common size for a dado set is 6".

    An 8" will fit fine. I don't remember for sure, but there is a possiblity that an 8" would hit the insert if raised all the way and tilted, or something. A standard part of any setup of the saw is to check for clearance, right?



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      The reason the throat plate saids 7" is that the plate is for a modling head. I have a dado plate it saids 7/8" wich shoud mean that you can use an 8" dado head.
      Andy B.


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        Most contractor saws are better suited to using 6" dado's, 8" are normally used on cabinet saws with 3HP or greater.


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          was waiting for my free 7" insert and finally got it this morning, tried it with the freud 8" professional stack dado that i got from home depot last saturday, and they worked great with my ts2424. made 20 tenons for 2 mission style bedside tables that i am making and they fit just right on the mortises that i did last week.

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