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Ridgid Markdowns, HD, Durham, NC

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  • Ridgid Markdowns, HD, Durham, NC

    Was in HD in Durham, NC this morning and they had three items marked down (looked like several of each in stock). Had 'em out on the main aisle stacked up and with big 'Markdown' signage. The 10" CMS for $159, the 12" CMS for $269 and the spindle/belt sander for $199. Just a heads up for anyone in the area who is looking. Could also be a sign of things to come in other HD's.


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    ALL Ridgid WW tools have been 15% off in the Camillus,NY store for several weeks now. Everything except handtools and vacs

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      Not here yet, in Southern Cal. I was at the best HD (from a Ridgid standpoint) around here this AM, and no deals... they hadn't heard anything at all of the Ridgid changes. No clue as to warranty changes, supply issues, nada.

      I think they'll be asking some questions. I would probably jump on a 3612 at 15% off. Hell, it'll be a collector's item.


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        Have yet to SEE a 3612 in my local HD. Or a mitre saw either. Good store, nice Ridgid display, knowledgeable sales associates ( once you know who to go to ), but no new equipment.


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          It's quite possible that the HDs with slow moving inventory are getting rid of the stuff. it does take up a lot of valuable room for something that may not sell well at a particular store. I would venture to guess that the HDs that do not have the stuff on sale actaully sells the stuff once in a while. (or has a bigger floor plan to accommodate)


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            Four around the crib here in north county San Diego.

            HD Vista: Best of the bunch, most Ridgid on display, including the new sliding miter (and damn, it looked good... what a waste). Smartest help, too.
            HD San Marcos: Nice, several "big" Ridgid items (inc. 3612 a few months ago).
            HD Encinitas: One filthy old 2412 being used as a counter for odds and ends, sales people acted as though first time they'd seen it, told me Ryobi was the one they sell.
            HD Oceanside: No hint they that even carry the Ridgid brand, never was. Not even boxes under the counters.

            Now I can watch them all closely. Motors, after all, can be gotten. It remains to be seen what the Forum Gods will choose to share about the other moving parts.

            Tomorrow, it's the Lowe's/Sears legs of the Axis, to evaluate the alternatives. Wish a Grizz plant was closer to here.


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              Hey, that sounds fun....a "who's it gonna be made by" quest...we can drop by all the HD's and ask away and compare our answers bet is we get many "we now own Ridgid and Ryobi" answers. As far as the Lowe's and Sears alternatives, I'm done with those two already.

              I have been buying from Texas Tool Traders as of late. There's a dealer who cares and does business the old school way. They service air guns for free to get your your nail money..seeing that they meet or beat prices anywhere else, they will get my business. I found out the other day they have Jet tools on the floor...not only that, but they can get just about anything you want at very competitive prices. They'll also knock a few bucks off of your bill if you buy more than one tool!

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                You know, Kelly, going back to the small guy may be the way to go. Sure you'll never get the price of a billion dollar company, but at least, if you find the right businessman (like you have), you'll get some reciprocal loyalty from that businessman who has to work a little harder to compete. I just got a Stihl weedeater from a little shop down the street and talking to him is so much more refreshing than a $5.00 /hr teenager who can't spell ECHO.
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                  I went to my local HD this morning (Mission Viejo, CA) and they have marked down some of the Ridgid tools (Band saw, spindle sander, miter saw but the planner and table saw were unchanged).


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                    No markdowns in Orange Ca.
                    The display is still neat and clean.
                    Rob Johnson
                    Orange, Ca.
                    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                      Was at the Camillus HD this afternoon. Rep is there making a large Milwaukee/Dewalt display, and there is more Ridgid WW stuff out than I have ever seen there. Most of the stuff is on pallets and plastic wrapped, or was used in demos.
                      Associate was clueless as to state of Ridgid WW though.