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  • TS2424 to 220

    I will try and say this as clear as I can. I have the Ridgid TS2424. I want to convert it to 220 which I have availible in my shop now(might be moving it in a few months and may not have 220).
    I really don't want to cut the Male cord end on the saw. Can I switch the wiring in the motor to 220. Take a heavy duty extention cord(15') and put male 220 on one end and leave the other end female 110 to plug the factory 110 male of my saw into? I would just have to make sure it doesn't get plugged into 110 until I change the internal wiring back to 110. Please Advise.

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    As you have figured out, VERY DANGEROUS. It is probably enough of an NEC violation to get the license of any licensed electrian pulled, but you probably don't have an electrician's license to worry about.

    It is no harder to reconfigure the 2424 cordset from a 220 plug back to a 110 plug if you move, and it is a lot safer. Alternatively, you could simply remove the switch-to-wall portion of the 2424 cordset, file it away for future use, and substitute a home-built 220 cord. Use the right connector, and use stranded applicance wire of not less than AWG12 size. For what it is worth, I have a definite preference for Hubbel connectors for this type of operation.