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Euro hinges for beginners and amateurs - part I

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  • Euro hinges for beginners and amateurs - part I

    Good day

    This post is for amateurs and beginners that never worked or, have very limited experience with “Euro hinges”

    The real name of the “Euro hinges” is “Concealed hinges” but, as I know, the Americans are calling everything that comes from Europe…”Euro…..” – like “Euro saw”, “Euro Riving knife” and alike but…..

    ....We have another “Euro” that I’m sure that you would not like to “import” it to USA and that’s…..”Euro Prices”...yeap, we have special “Euro prices” that are usually at least double than in the USA…I don’t think that you would like to pay $8 per Gallon…....nor $650 for Hitachi M12V2 router….

    From reading around the Internet forums, I’ve noticed that there is some kind of “mystery” around those hinges and every time that there is a question, most of the replies are “You can buy this Jig here” (URL)....the problem is that I don’t like to buy….it’s too simple and doesn’t worth it to spend the money on special jigs…

    I’m working with those hinges already 8 years. I’ve installed a few hundreds of hinges and I would like to share with you my method and show you that…...I’m not using any jig and…....if I can – you can…

    I will refer only to the 3 basic types of hinges:

    1. Full overlay – the door fully covers the cabinet frame (the hinge side wall)

    2. Half Overlay – the door covers only half of the cabinet frame…used when two doors are installed on one cabinet wall.

    3. Inset – used for, well…..inset doors…

    I never worked with “Face Frame” cabinets so all the picture are referred to “Frameless” cabinet.

    The beauty about those hinges is that you don’t have to have “high skills” nor special equipment…well, you shall have to buy the 35mm drill and I assume that you already have a Drill Press or, Drill Stand or even, just an Hand drill….

    All the dimensions are “Plus-Minus” you don’t need to be “Super-Duper accurate” to get a perfect fit…the door can be adjusted in 4 axis; up-down…in-out…left-right and clockwise-counter clockwise

    On this post, I’ll show the 3 types of hinges and the drilling method

    On the 2nd post, the actual drilling and installation of the hinges and the doors


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    Re: Euro hinges for beginners and amateurs - part I