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Herculift adjustments

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  • Herculift adjustments

    I attached the Herculift to my new TS3650 saw that I just bought on the weekend according to the manual, but I cannot find a happy medium between being able to freely move the saw(the leveling feet drag across the floor) and keeping the saw level and not rock( the casters are still a little lower than the feet when the lift is disengaged). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Herculift adjustments

    I had the same problem and someone on the forum reminded me that the nuts that hold the four bolts lift should not be tightened down but should be left with just a little of the bolt going through the nut. This has fixed my problem. My garrage is so un-level that I finially put down some 1/2
    inch fiber board that covers the area where my saw is and this made the adjustment much simpler.