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  • Watch your wood tally

    I went to my local lumber supplier for a load of 3/4 Alder and some Birch sheets for an entertainment center. I picked out my Alder and proceeded to stack it on the fork lift the guy brought over. I laid it out in 2 layers, each measured 46" wide by 8 feet long. The guy got out is measuring stick and began tallying up the two stacks. He as adding them out loud and when he got the first row added up, he said "39 board feet", then started the second row. I stopped him and asked how a stack of wood that was 4 feet wide by 8 feet long can add up to 39 board feet? He said because his measuring stick said so! LOL I asked him to do it again, again 39 board feet. I again said that is not possible because 4 times 8 is 32!! He did it a third time, same outcome. Again I tried to explain it, he did it a FOURTH time and finally got 31. He then did the second row and got 31 again. (it was like 31 and 3/4 board feet.

    We then loaded it in my truck and he headed out on the fork lift to get my sheets, 6 in all, 3/4" Red Birch USA made plywood. We loaded them up and I headed home. Unloaded the truck later in the day and found 2 sheets had been rammed with the fork lift on the edges. The damage was on his side when we loaded it. He said nothing as we slid them in. Guess he was getting even with me for calling him out on his lack of ability to add numbers in his head! LOL

    I was able to use them fine but did call the owner and suggest he buy his guys a cheap calculator and a scratch pad for tallying lumber. He agreed!

    Had I missed it, it would have cost me an extra $49 in wood that I did not get.

    Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!

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    Re: Watch your wood tally

    A good lesson on knowing exactly what it is you're buying before you get to the checkout counter. Thanks for sharing that.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.