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TS2424 height.

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  • TS2424 height.

    Hi. I've been lurking here for a while and have found several good tips and ideas.

    I have TS2424 which I bought a couple of months ago. It replaced a benchtop Craftsman tablesaw. Boy, what a difference!

    Anyway, I do have a problem with it. It is a bit tall for me. I am 5' 10" and the table saw stands at 37" which just below my navel. This makes it ackward to perform rip operations as I have to stretch to guide the wood pass the blade.

    The saw is mounted on the old caster system (not the Herc-U-Lift, or whatever). And I have tried to see if there is a way lower the saw a bit. Just a couple of inches would help significantly.

    I need to move the saw around so the casters are a necessity. If there is no way to lower the effective height of the table I have thought of building a step to raise my own height. However I have some concerns about the safety risks of doing that.

    Any ideas? I'd appreciate any input.


    David Mora

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    Unfortunately with the heavy-duty castor platform that you have on your saw, you can only go as low as the two fixed wheels on the platform. The Herc-u-lift would allow you to go a little lower but only by an inch or so. Beyond cutting the legs down there is really no way to shorten the saw. How much short would you like to see the saw?


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      Is it possible to retrofit the Herc-u-lift to my saw?

      In any case, since you ask, I would prefer if the saw was at least a couple of inches lower.



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        You can put the Herc-U-Lift on your saw. You will have to drill holes in the legs to mount the corner brackets.