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    Re: New Ridgid Table Saw

    Originally posted by ironhat View Post
    Has anyone heard if there will be a riving knife on the new one? For my money the things that are given up do not make up for let alone exceed what is already on the 3660 saw. It will be a 'no deal' for me!
    I believe starting in 2009 all new tablesaws will be required to have riving knives. If it's not Jan 09 its not long after that, unless the manufacturers were successful in protecting you rights to work unsafe and got it pushed it out a few more months or years.
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      Re: New Ridgid Table Saw

      I'm pleased to see Ridgid offering a hybrid....they're the last of the major brands to enter that market. DeWalt, Jet, Delta, Grizzly, Craftsman, Steel City, General International, Shop Fox, Sunhill, Woodtek, and even Duracraft have all offered hybrids in the USA for a while now and there are several available in other countries, so Ridgid is a bit overdue IMO, but this is an intriguing start if they can truly hit the alleged $600 MSRP. The advantages of a hybrid design over a traditional contractor saw design with an outboard motor are and numerous and well documented with very few get a smaller footprint, shorter drive belt (more efficient power transfer with lower vibration), no "lifting" hazard when the motor is tilted, less leverage against the arbor carriage, better DC, more mass/stability, and marginally quieter operation. One downside is that the motor is harder to access if needed.

      I think I'd prefer a single piece front rail but I'm pleased to see that it's a steel t-square design. The fence tube looks pretty sparse without faces...not sure why they omitted those, but with faces mounted the fence would resemble the Delta T2, which is a "Biese Lite" of sorts that's proven to be a pretty good fence for $150 retail. The steel rails should prove stronger than the aluminum counterparts on the 3660.

      The granite top has some advantages with rust and likely flatness stability. I'm fairly confident that breakage won't be a big factor but I wonder about wear in the miter slots and possibly chips along the edge of the blade insert, though I understand that Steel City has made some modifications that address the miter slots.

      The inclusion of the Herculift is a nice addition that I don't believe anyone else is offering in a hybrid....the Woodtek might have wheels...(?) I'm also unsure of the splitter/riving knife. If the Ridgid has the Steel City design trunnion carriage, there is an aftermarket riving knife that fits the SC and Craftsman hybrids called "Bolt On Ripping Knife" (BORK).

      Not sure what the trunnion system is. Some designs are theoretically superior to others, but the hybrids in general seem to have less of the movement issues than their contractor saw counterparts due to the motor location. Only the Delta hybrid offers the traditional table mounted trunnions combined with the multi-piece arbor system, though they seem to have executed it well. The Steel City and Craftsman models offer cabinet mounted trunnions with the same system of connecting rods that have proven to be fairly stout. The GI, Jets, DW, Woodtek, Sunhill, Griz, and Shop Fox all offer table mounted trunnions with a one-piece shroud. No one I'm aware of is offering the cabinet mounted trunnions combined with the one-piece arbor carriage, which is essentially what's offered in the industrial style cabinet saws that mimic the Unisaw design. Time will tell which design Ridgid chose and how well they've executed it.

      Any news of what motor they're using?
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