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When will all the new ridgid tools be in all the HDstores?

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  • When will all the new ridgid tools be in all the HDstores?

    When will all the new ridgid tools be in all the HD stores?

    [ 10-13-2003, 02:40 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
    Andy B.

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    Just yesterday(or maybe Saturday), there was a demo set up in the HD in Covington, LA. The reps had their "TTI" shirts on. Nothing said RIDGID except for the tools. They did not know when the full line of stationary tools would hit the floor. Only the portable Table Saw was on display.

    They were there only to demo the new hand held tools...which were, in fact, quite impressive. I like 'em.

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      Sitting high up in the storage racks of the HD closest to my house are 3 TS3650 table saws. None have made it down to floor level yet. Wonder what they look like?
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        Same old story... nothing's changed with these guys... The reps set up pretty displays of the handheld power tools, but the stationary power tool display is as bad as ever at my local HD's.


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          This isn't the first time this has happened. Would you believe that the 2 HDs near me never had a 3612 on display?

          There's an old adage in retailing. If you don't have an item or the customer can't see it, you have a darned hard time selling it! Personally, I think this attitude towards the Ridgid line was part of the reason Emerson dumped the name and sold the rights.