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Miter Saw ExactLine?

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    I also have a DeWalt DW-705 Compound Miter Saw. I am equally upset with DeWalt that they came up with the new line of CMSs that are essentially the same, but can take a laser that is not backward compatible. The other accessories I do have, like the extension kits, are also junk.

    I did buy an Irwin 80 tooth blade that came with a free washer mount laser. I put that on the saw, and it works satisfactorily for me, although some people have argued on antother forum that it's accuracy wasn't to their standards. It is more for carpentry than for woodworking.


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      This might be a stupid question, but once the Laserkerf is aligned, can't you just tek-screw the bracket in place (or nut/bolt/lock washer) ?

      I've been looking for a laser guide and printed off the "extra" installation pictures and instructions for my Rigid MS1250. The pictures suck, but they give me an Idea how the bracket would mount. It seems like this part could be "permanently" attached.
      Is there a way to "permanently" attach the laser to the bracket?
      Is there a flat surface to be screwed? Welded?

      Thanks for any additional info.
      Y'all have a great Easter.