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13" Planer Problem

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  • 13" Planer Problem

    I purchased the Ridgid 13" thickness planer a few months ago and it has been working great until the other day. When sending material through it has started to stop half way thru until you manually pull it thru the rest of the way. It occurs at all levels of planing, even when taking off only 1/64". Has anyone else had this issue? Do the rollers need cleaning and if so what do you clean them with. I have sent only a couple hundred linear feet of material thru it so it shouldn't be that dirty. It is attached to a DC system. Any ideas????

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    When I have this problem I raise the head and then using car wax I wax the bottom plate and the infeed and outfeed tables. I use a high carnuba content liquid wax and make sure it is all rubbed off with a clean rag. I've used paste wax on my table saw table with good results. Try any brand you have and I'll bet it will work good.


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      You can use any brand that does not contain silicone, most car waxes have silicone in them. The silicone will cause fisheyes in your finish.
      I would suggest a product like Johnsons Paste Wax or Topcoat


      If you are running the planer in a cold garage the rubber rollers become hard and loose some of their grip you may only need to add some heat to the shop, but the wax will help


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        I bought a Rigid Planer in november of 2003, I started having the same problem you are describing. When I used it, I started having to pull the lumber on through, until finally in December 0f 2004 it Quit feeding at all. I called Rigid and they told me to take it to a certain repair shop. The guy there said the gear box was bad. They promised to have it repaired Feb 3. to make a long story short, I haven't got my Planer back yet. I cant get a date when it might be fixed. I would not recommend A Rigid Planner to anyone or Rigid's customer service


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          I have the Rdigid thickness planer and I have had this problem happen to me as well. I looked in the manual and it said that using rubbing alcohol on the rubber rollers is part of the maintenance of the machine, and it helps a lot. It is not easy to do, you have to make a choice of either disassembling the feed mechanism to remove the rollers or just to clean them while they are on the unit. I have done both and will not take my planer apart any more. It's a pain. I just liberally wet a rag and clean the rollers, with the machine off, and then run the machine for a second, hoping that it chooses to stop with the dirty part of the feed rollers exposed. Sometimes it takes a while to get the entire roller clean. The rubbing alcohol seems to restore the grip of the rubber.

          I can't imagine having a problem with this thing. It seems to be put together just as well as any other planer. I really like it and am glad to have purchased it.

          If you ever use pine you will have to clean much more often, at least in my experience.