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Modifying my TS2412

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  • Modifying my TS2412

    First I recently found this forum, and have greatly appreciated the posts. I think Ridgid tools are great, and won't comment on HD.

    After reading several posts on modify the fence/rails on the 2424 (which I could not fit in my garage at the time I bought the saw, I foolish thought I would park my cars in the garage...) I decided to try the same thing on my 2412, I can't remember the last time I had the fence on the left side of the blade. So I moved the rails over 6 inches, giving me 30" to the right. I cut a plywood rail to support the rails on the right and added a new tape measure.

    Now my question, any reason I could not move the fence 6 more inches to the right, creating a TS3600? The rails would be attached at the table at two point on the front of the saw's cast iron table and two points on the left table extension.


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    I see no reason you can not, but I would construct some sort of a filler panel/extension wing for the rails. It sounds like you are in tight quarters there, and if the rails stuck out past the table wing, it's possable in tight quarters to snag them with something, or even walk into them. Bent rails are pretty much useless
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      One guy told me his was set at 40/10...I'm going for 36/12 when I move mine..plenty of room...
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