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    I am going to buy the 13" planer this month (keep hoping for a Memorial Day sale). What are your suggestions for a rolling stand for it? My little space requires it to be movable, and at 85 pounds, I don't want to be man-handling the planer.

    Many thanks,
    Bob Salvetti

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    For my 13" planer I made a simple yet sturdy stand using four 2x4's. I mounted heavy duty casters (double-lock at the front) that I purchased from the local woodworking supply. Then secured the casters and planer with lags bolts.

    It works well because it takes up very little shop space when stored against the wall, but it is easily re-positioned and the casters can be locked/unlocked using your foot.


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      I made a roll-around planer stand for my TP-1300 found in ShopNotes issue #9 which is still available from the folks at Woodsmith magazine. They are located on line at I used 1 sheet of birch plywood. Didn't need the outfeed tables and wings because of the excellent tables on the TP1300.
      This stand takes up very little shop space, very sturdy and easy to move about the shop. [img]smile.gif[/img]