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  • TS2424 question

    Does anyone know if the Craftsman router table extension will fit on the TS2424? Craftsman claims that the table extension will fit all previous Craftsman saws, so I was thinking that since Emerson made the older Craftsman saws, that this might work.

    Anybody have it installed?

    Also, when converting the 2424 to at 1236 configuration, do you leave the webed cast iron extension on the left side of the saw? Would it hurt to leave it there if standard procedure is to remove it?

    Thanks guys!

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    I have not converted mt ts2424 to a 1236. but I would think it would heart to keep the wing off. You could sell the wing for a few bucks.
    Andy B.


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      My saw has zero rip capacity on left, but I use the miter gauge on the left. Because of that, I need the left wing.

      Don't know anything about the Sears part, sorry.



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        I would think you would leave the wing on just for balance, if nothing else.