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Filling void in Veneered plywood

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  • Filling void in Veneered plywood


    I am building a coffee table that has a veneer plywood top with solid wood banding on it. When I was finish sanding it, I noticed the veneer was not sticking to the plywood and then discovered there was a void under the veneer. There are two of them approx. a 1/4" square.

    The question is, how to fix it. I am thinking to cut the veneer, peel it back and adding wood fill. Might be messy. Also, maybe injecting epoxy or some non-shrinking filler in to the void through the veneer. Might be messy. I could just leave it and hope the finish stiffens it up.

    Anybody actually done this? What did you do and how did it turn out?


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    Re: Filling void in Veneered plywood

    I had a similar experiance many years ago. I used floor patch. Careful now I am talking about the patch flooring guys use to prep a vinal floor for instalation. this stuff sets up and hardens in about 20 minutes. The important thing hear is to use something that does not shrink and this stuff fits that bill nicely. I used a syringe, I drilled a tiny pilot hole for the needle mixed the patch with warm water so that it would flow through the needle and injected it. I then put a weight onto the repair and left it for 1 hour. When I took it off I noticed some squeese out at the pin hole which was a pain to clean up and make pretty again. In retrospect I would put a piece of tape across the repair as soon as I filled it and then put on the weight. See if you can find a scrap piece with a similar void and experiment. The reason I did not use epoxy, have you ever tried to clean epoxy off a piece of raw wood. It is not pretty, I ended up having to remake the piece because i could not get it to take stain where the epoxy was, it soaked through the veneer.
    Be careful and clean and it should work
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