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  • bandsaw

    I just goy back from home depot and they were clearing out the grey 14 inch bandsaws for 299. Is this a good deal or should I wait for the new model to come out? I'm also considering the grizzly

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    Hi Jim-

    I bought one and have not put it together yet. THey had mine for $299, so I offered them $150, and settled on $210- but I used a 10% off coupon for a final price of $189. plus tax.

    Ask for the tool manager and work a deal- and don't be afraid to lowball an offer- sometines they'll take it.


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      The new models have been out for some time now. $299 is a good price for what you get but if you can talk them down a little farther more power to you. To be honest, I'm surprised that there are still some grey units left out there.
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        There are better bandsaws out there than the grey one (the orange one is basically the same machine) but the better bandsaws are also more money. I have been looking for a long time and it comes down to a few things...
        How much can you spend, what will you use it for, how thick is that peice of wood, and finally how long do you want to spend making one peice of wood into two.
        If you plan on ripping lots of 12" hardwood you will not be happy with the Ridgid, just not enough power for the job. You need to look at 2HP and about 2.5 times the cost of the ridgid.
        If you are just starting out and do not need resaw capacity the ridgid will more than suit your needs, the $75 extra for the G0555 will get you a more refined saw with a better fence and more power, money well spent IMHO, but then again I have convinced myself to look at the Mini Max